Iglesia de San Francisco, Quito: Sweet 16

I took these pictures back in 2012, during a visit to Quito, Ecuador.  During that time, we were treated to a wonderful show at the historic Iglesia de San Francisco, whereas folk groups performed traditional dances and reenactors recreated various depictions of the Madonna and Child, mimicking those painted in the church.

To say that this is one of the most beautiful spectacles I have ever seen would be an understatement.

The pictures have been sleeping in my hard drive for almost two years.  I love to open that album and enjoy them, yet for some reason they caused a kind of “photographer’s block.”

What do I mean by that?  There were so many of them that I found it hard to pick which ones I wanted to publish.  After all, I love them all.

In the end, used them as an exercise in self-restraint as I asked myself, “Which ones do I obsess with?” and “If I had to choose a dozen, which ones would those be?”

I ended up picking 16.

I so need to do that with the rest of my collections!