Barcelona – Casa Battló

This past November, my sweetie and I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona.  It was a wonderful trip.  One of our favorite places was Casa Battlo, which was designed and built by Antoni Gaudí. The most amazing thing about Gaudí’s architecture is that he didn’t use blueprints.  He mainly worked via models.  He also believed in sustainable, organic design and construction.

Casa Battlo was designed after the sea, water, sea creatures, etc.  It’s one of the most amazing places ever.  Colors and shapes change with the light, and when you walk inside, it seems that you are walking into a living organism.  Below, it’s a picture of Casa Battlo in the afternoon light.

Gaudi also used discarded, broken tile in the decoration of his unique work.  He is a shining example of sustainability in architecture.  Here is an example:

And a closeup:

And speaking of changing colors with the sunlight, here is a different view of the tiled roof later in the afternoon.  It’s been called the back of the dragon for a reason:

Last but not least, one of my favorite pics:  The cross on top of the roof in the twilight.

I will be posting more images from Casa Battlo later.  I would like to share the ones from the inside of the house, as well as the night shots.  For the full series (which I am still updating as I go), click here.


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