Project Runway

Well, boys and girls, I think I am moving many of my posts from LJ to WordPress.  And I am starting with Project Runway chatter.

I must confess that I thought that Jerrell should have been schmauf’d, just based on the ugliness of his design.  And if you don’t believe me, just check out this little number.

Courtesy of Tom and Lorenzo

 Really, it makes my eyes bleed. 

Jerrell has turned out some nice pieces, such as the coat from a couple of weeks ago. 

On the other hand, he’s also turned out some real stinkers and has been lucky enough that others have screwed up worse than him, thus saving his butt. 

Based on what I’ve seen lately, I think that the most consistent ones have been Mondo and Kenley.  And before anyone says that she’s been making the same thing over and over, I think that her designs would not look that similar had she not been obsessed with polka dots this season. 

So here’s my plea.  Kenley, please step away from the polka dots.  We don’t want to see you schmauf’d.

Michael C has turned out some nice pieces.  I know that he’s not everyone’s favorite, but I also think that he’s a bit underrated.  Sure, he mostly drapes, but his draping is pretty awesome.  On the down side, he can turn out the Miss World 2012 pageant dress that he came up last episode, and that would put him in peril of schmaufing.

Austin.  I love Austin.  I want to see him in the finals.  And he may yet do it unless he decides to take the “Granny at the Hamptons” approach.  Please Austin, make something wonderful like you know how.  Don’t get yourself schmauf’d.

So who do you think is leaving the Runway next?  Here’s a polling for all to play with.

Until next time!

Auntie Bel

4 thoughts on “Project Runway

  1. My vote for the win goes to Mondo. I thought he should have won his season. Michael is excellent if you want a beautiful gown. Austin has excellent ideas that sometimes fall short in execution because of the time constraints. Mondo consistently pulls out ahead in his originality. His look is not for everyone but it is unique in a good way. I think he is a master at pushng the edge with his bold patterns. You can see his cultural inspiration in his designs. Kenely is just meh but that girl can fit a dress to perfection. I’d like to see her step out of the 40’s/ 50’s.I thought the peplum coat she did in that chinese print was fabulous but the print dress underneath just fought visually with it. Last week’s dress was better – cute but I get tired of the cute from her.

    So Mondo’s my man!

  2. Yea Mondo is my pick too he is the most original and consistent with his quality , Micheal and Austin have had some really good designs but also some spectacular failures.

  3. I totally agree. As for who else is going to be in the finale, my money is on Michael C, if he doesn’t screw up. The other would be either Austin or Kenley. It is hard at this point because we are all very much invested in most of them. At any rate, I can’t wait to see what they come up with in their final collections.

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