Happy Mayan Apocalypse 2012 that Never Was!

So December 21 came and went and the world did not end.

According to a report in NPR, Western folks misinterpreted the whole enchilada.  It appears that although the Mayans believed in keeping track of days, they did not believe in the end of them.   The archeologist that was being interviewed stated that the Mayans didn’t have the concept of the End of Days (™), which apparently was concocted in the other Hemisphere, and not shared in theirs.  Hooray!

From our family to yours, Happy Non Apocalypse and Merry Christmas too!

From our family to yours, Happy Non Apocalypse and Merry Christmas too!

At any rate, last night we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  Following the Mexican tradition, the big celebration happens the night before Christmas, while Christmas Day is for visiting friends and relations and eating everyone else’s leftovers.

 In my family’s case, as a child, we had enough leftovers to feed the entire neighborhood.  Chances are we ended up eating frozen and reheated Christmas turkey up to Valentine’s.  And don’t get me started with Mom’s turkey dressing.  Unlike the American bread dressing, the kind we make in Mexico is more like picadillo style: ground pork and beef, assorted nuts, olives, and tomato sauce, among other things. Delicious? Yes.  But if you thought that having turkey at Valentine’s was bad, try Christmas dressing at every available opportunity, including but not limited to  Halloween.

Hooray! No Christmas leftovers for Halloween!

Hooray! No Christmas leftovers for Halloween!

Ahhhh, the memories of Christmases past!

But I digress…

This year, it was my husband’s turn to make Christmas dinner, on account of me having had bunion surgery a couple of days ago and not being up to stand in front of a stove for more than 5 minutes.  Plus, do you really want me to prepare your food while hopped up on Percocet?  I think not.

Luckily, my sweetie likes to cook and did a great job with the turkey and everything else.  The only difference this year was that instead of my usual upside-down-pinneaple cake, we had a store bought pecan pie.  (Surprisingly, it was rather good pecan pie.)

That pecan pie rocked.

That pecan pie rocked.

After dinner, we opened presents.  I am not going to list here what anyone got.  To me, Christmas is not about the presents although, admittedly, opening packages is a lot of fun.  Presents, at the end of the day, are just things.  And what makes those things special, is the love and thought that you put into them.  It doesn’t matter whether it is an expensive object or something cheap.  What counts is what you meant by them.  And in that context, this particular batch was rather special this year.

You know that your kid has grown up when he gives you a copy of Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible.

You know that your kid has grown up when he gives you a copy of Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible.

But the most important present of all was to have my boys and my husband with me.  For that alone, I feel incredibly blessed.

And since the world didn’t end, and since we lived to see another Christmas Eve, we would like to wish everyone a very happy Holiday, whichever one you happen to be celebrating.  And if you don’t celebrate any holidays, have a wonderful day.


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