The Streets of Bogota

I love Bogota.  The city is not only full of history, but it’s one of the most alive, bustling, interesting places on the planet.  And sometimes, just by sheer luck, you get caught in an event that takes over the entire town.  In this case, it was the “Marcha para la Paz,” (March for Peace), an event that brought thousands of people into the city in support of the peace process.

In our case, we were on our way to a meeting, when we found ourselves in the middle of a river of people, all clad in white and waving flags.  Attempting to describe the energy here, would be impossible.  The news next day gave mixed reviews on the politics and usefulness of the thing, but whether one agrees or disagrees on its purpose, it was an amazing experience.

I have made a small collection of pictures that I found interesting.  Some are of the historic center, unrelated to the march, and some are of the actual event.

In the end, we were able to weave our way out through the crowds, make it to our meeting, and even take some pictures from the balcony, which happened to open to the plaza where things were happening.

Yeah, sometimes, you get lucky that way.